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What is the purpose of the Governing Board?

As members of the Governing Board at Steeple Bumpstead Primary School, we are directly responsible to the children in helping to make sure that they receive the best possible education in the most effective and well-managed environment. We work closely with Mrs Nicholls and her staff on matters that affect the school and its curriculum, and on long-term strategic plans.


How many governors are there and do they all have children at the school?

Not every governor has a child that attends Steeple Bumpstead Primary School. There are a number of different types of governor. A governor can be directly appointed by the local authority because of an expertise in an education-related field, or governors can be members of the local community, members of staff, and of course there are governors who are parents of children attending school at the present time. Each governor is appointed for four years.


How often do governors come into the school and what do they do?

Governors attend regular meetings each term with Mrs Nicholls to discuss items under three main topics: Resources (such as Finance and Grounds) and Curriculum (reviewing data, workbooks, identifying gaps or trends and discussing/agreeing how to address those gaps and trends).

Each governor has a responsibility in one or more of these areas. Some governors also have a responsibility to get to know and monitor different areas of teaching, numeracy or literacy for example, and to attend lessons and get to know the pupils and their needs. Other very important areas that the governors help to monitor include Health & Safety and Special Educational Needs and we attend training courses so that we know how to make a worthwhile input in these areas.


Do governors get involved in day-to-day issues?

It is school policy that any day-to-day issue or problem should be taken first to a class teacher, or to Mrs Nicholls. In terms of policy, when problems arise, we act as support to the teaching staff and then become involved in helping to find solutions as necessary.  


Who we are 

Rosie Taylor (Chair); Mary Nicholls (Headteacher); Sue Kehr (Vice-Chair);  Matthew Richardson; Margaret Piotrowski, Richard Clarson, Gillian Buckley and Marcus Hunt.

(1 Parent Governor vacancy)


Contact us 

If you have any good news, questions or comments, or if would like to find out more about becoming a part of the Governing Board, please contact us via our Chair, Rosie Taylor -