Cross Country

Cross Country at Stanley Drapkin started almost 20 years ago on a day when the swimming teacher felt it was too cold to go swimming.  Casting around for something else to do with the children she decided to take them running and we've never looked back!

The current team is supported, co-ordinated, nurtured and driven (literally in some cases!) by Rosemarie O'Hare, Jo Davage and Sara Trevillion.  Both Rosemarie and Sara had children who loved running and so they became interested and keen to help other children enjoy taking part in the various competitive events that happen throughout the year.

Cross Country is mostly for Key Stage 2 children but our younger children do also get to take part in special training sessions just for them.  Training happens during lunchtimes and is mostly held on Camping Close.

Our distinctive kits (blue hoodies, yellow t-shirts) were bought by the PTA and are invaluable - partly because they help the children to identify as a team and partly because it makes them really easy to spot and cheer on!