Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

SENCO - Mrs Claire Miller

At Steeple Bumpstead Primary School our aim is to support all children to overcome barriers and achieve their full potential.

We promote an inclusive culture in our school and value high quality teaching for all learners. We also aim to create a learning environment which is flexible enough to meet the needs of all members of our school community.

Our support staff have a wide range of skills and experiences which enable them to work with children who have a variety of special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND).

Whenever needed, we seek the advice of external agencies to ensure the correct support and programmes are being executed in school to ensure the best for all our pupils.

The four broad areas of SEND are:

Communication and Interaction:

This area of need includes children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and those with Speech, Language and Communication needs.

Cognition and Learning:

This includes children with Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia, Dysgraphia Dyspraxia and Dyscalculia come under this umbrella), Moderate Learning Difficulties, Severe Learning Difficulties and Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties.

Social Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties:

This area includes children who suffer with emotional, social or mental health need that has an impact on their ability to learn.

Sensory and/or Physical Difficulties:

This area includes children with hearing impairment, visual impairment multi-sensory impairment and physical difficulties

Please click on the links below for our link to our

SEND Information Report highlighting how we support children and families with SEND. 

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