Charging & Remissions

Role and Responsibilities of Headteacher, other Staff and Governors

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The Headteacher will ensure that the following applies:

During the school day

All activities that are a necessary part of the National Curriculum plus Religious Education will be provided free of charge. This includes any materials and equipment. It excludes charges made for teaching an individual pupil or groups of up to four pupils to play a musical instrument.  Unless the teaching is an essential part of either the National Curriculum or a public examination syllabus being followed by the pupil(s), we will make a charge.

Voluntary contributions may be sought for activities during the school day which entail additional costs, e.g. cost of transport for visits, cost of visit entry.

In these circumstances no pupil will be prevented from participating because his/her parents cannot or will not make a contribution.

From time to time we may invite a non-school based organisation such as theatre group to arrange an activity during the school day. Such organisations may wish to charge parents, who may, if they wish, ask the Headteacher to agree to their child being absent for that period.