Behaviour Policy

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By introducing and fostering accepted standards of behaviour, we hope to prepare our children well for their chosen roles in society. It is vital that these aims are shared with all who are concerned with the education and welfare of the children at Steeple Bumpstead Primary School.  That means children, parents, teachers, governors, administrative staff, teaching assistants, midday assistants and caretakers.

This can be achieved by highlighting examples of acceptable behaviour and of course, praising children whenever possible. Reminding children of our expectations, especially at the beginning of a new term, will also serve to reinforce this. If a child has to be reprimanded, it must be made clear that it is the bad behaviour which is unacceptable, not the child.  It is the expectation of all staff to uphold these standards at all times.

Children of course have a vital role to play in this area. It is important that they take some part in formulating an understanding of which can be considered to be acceptable standards of behaviour, both in and out of school.  Only then will our children have the ownership of these principles and thus be able to agree to and recognise what is tolerable and what is not.