Reading & Maths Schemes


Phonics is taught from the beginning of the Foundation stage using Letters and Sounds produced by the DFE. We do recognise that children learn in different ways and therefore we use actions to reinforce the sounds. Parents are invited into school in the first half term so that they are familiar with the sounds and actions and can therefore help their chid at home.


Our school uses a wide range of Reading Schemes as well as encouraging the children to use their local library on a regular basis. The Essex Libraries bus visits our school every fortnight so that the children can change their library books. We have some parents that come into school to hear children read and also read to the children therefore extending their reading diet and developing a more extensive vocabulary.

In order to develop further our maths throughout the school, we have recently introduced Numicon. This is proving to be very successful with our younger children. Parents are invited to a workshop where they can find out ways of helping their children. many parents have now bought Numicon for their children to use at home.

In Years 1 and 2, we follow the White Rose maths programme so that our children learn to master their skills in a variety of contexts.


Reading schemes used are:

Oxford Reading Tree

The Stoy Box

Collins Big Cat



Rapid Phonics