Year 4


Welcome back to school after the strangest of times (!) and a very warm welcome to year 4. 

I am delighted to be teaching your children in year 4 this year and am very lucky to be supported by the wonderful Mrs Davage each morning and some afternoons. Mrs Cantellow will be leading the class during my PPA afternoons.

We have an exciting term of learning ahead. Our afternoon 'topic' sessions begin with a week of art exploring texture and pattern, followed by 2-3 weeks of science learning about living things and their habitats and finishing the half term with 3-4 weeks of history finding out about the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.

After half term, we start back with 2 weeks of design & technology looking at structures, then 2 weeks of geography exploring rivers, then 2 weeks of science learning about electricity and finally a week of design & technology making torches before we finish for Christmas.

I look forward to working in partnership with you to ensure a successful and happy year this year for your child. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with any query of concern, no matter how small!

Mrs Charlotte Daynes and the Year 4 team. 

Links to VERY useful things! FANTASTIC, fun website which each of our children have their own login for. Play against others, earn items for your SUMDOG house, compete in regional and national competitions; a whole variety of really fun games covering all areas of maths. SUMDOG adapts its questions to your child’s ability. If your child has forgotten / misplaced their SUMDOG login, please speak to me. A ROCKIN’ way to practice your times tables and division facts. To make things easier, each child’s login for this site is exactly the same as their SUMDOG login. Children have their own avatar (complete with rock-name!), earn coins to get items for their character, and can practice their times tables in four main games:

  • Garage (for children to compete against themselves; teachers may from time-to-time set the times tables they wish them to practice on here, otherwise ttrockstars begins to adapt its questions to present those being found more tricky, more frequently)
  • Studio (all times tables and measures children’s overall speed of recall; this is where they can improve their ‘rock-status’!)
  • Arena (children can play against their bandmates –classmates- however this could prove more difficult logistically when playing at home as they would need to join the same game as their buddy, at the same time -easier when sat next to each other! Again, times tables to focus on can be limited by the teacher, here)
  • Festival (children can play against other players from around the world, practicing all times table facts)
  • Soundcheck (simulates the government's Multiplication Tables Check that all pupils, nationally, complete towards the end of year 4)

Children can see their stats in the form of leader boards and heat-maps, flagging up the times table facts they are finding more tricky to remember in red, and those that they are confident with in green. The site will also work on an iPad! an old favourite – hit the question or hit the answer MATHS DICTIONARY - very child friendly site with explanations of loads of mathematical terms and vocabulary


And here's a few really useful web links for all things Year 4!